Giant Toy Box

GIANT TOY BOX is an inspiring info-graphic art guide about toys and contemporary art.

The Challenge

Design a book on a subject matter that will be conceptually and visually intriguing to a specific group of readers.

The NEW Focus

Making a twist on the topic of contemporary art by focusing on the aspects of children's toys. The concept is to mix the idealism of our childhood with our experiences in adulthood through photography and info-graphics.  


The Solution 

GIANT TOY BOX features creative toy artworks and and categorizes them into 4 kinds of human experiences of life:

  • VIOLENCE & PEACE      
  • FUN & JOY

Giant Toy Box receives a lot of help from the original artists, photographers and people who took photos of the public art. All of the photos are credited and cited according to them.

Giant Toy Box Book Trailer

This trailer is a promotion piece of the book. This video clip demonstrates many of the unique facts of the artworks inspired by toys.