Hello, I am Marie Calendar

Hello, I am Marie. I am a shy person who is afraid to speak louder. Before I start, let me ask you a question: Can you hear my voice?

The Challenge

Design a 2014 calendar that incorporates illustrations/ photography 

The Focus

"Hello, I am Marie" Calendar is a self- promotion piece that represents different characteristics of me. Each month reveals an unknown interesting fact about me based on an extraordinary holiday.  

Some Facts & Secret about Marie

Jan. 3: National Sleep Day 

I am an “Early bird but like to sleep in”.

Apr. 1: April Fool's Day

I am "not a linear thinker”.

Oct. 3: World Smile Day

I like to "smile everyday”.

Mar. 15: Pi Day

“Not every Asian is good at math”.

Aug. 3: Watermelon Day

”Watermelon peel is my favourite”.


Nov. 16: Marie's Birthday

“My feel came out first” on my birth