Holt Renfrew- The Pixelated Sky

Client Holt Renfrew  

Collaboration with Natasha Aggarwal and Soo Kim  

We often put too much energy into the big picture, we forget the pixels.

The Challenge

Design a stylish window display that will relate to Holt Renfrew's theme of 2014 spring- In the Air.

Our Focus

Today, digital media plays an important role in our lives regarding the delivery and reception of information. 

Pixels make up every image we see digitally. Our concept for Holt Renfrew’s “In The Air” themed window display blurs the lines between reality and virtual reality. 

The Solution

We’ve created a sky scene to be constructed from sheets of paper in various shades of blue, creating a visual of something natural blended with elements of technology - a pixelated sky.