Lettering for the Masses- Ale Paul Poster

Everything starts with a calligraphy pen, mischievous hands and blowing minds.

The Challenge 

Design a poster for ”Lettering for the Masses”, which had been Alejandro Paul’s first lettering workshop in Calgary.

The Focus

Hand lettering is an inclusive type. I chose hand lettering as an expressive form of type that allows for individuality, creativity, and freedom. I desired to explore those aspects of hand lettering on this poster and eventually in the workshop. 


The Workshop

Ale Paul is one of the greatest type designers of our time from Argentina who is known for his script. The workshop discusses about hand lettering and its influences on a brand’s personalities. The work was for a poster contest for the 2014 forth year ACAD design students. 


This is a short video that follows the motion of the pen and letter forms in order to bring the digital experience to print.