Mischief Magazine - Don't Tell Your Mother

Applied Arts Magazine Student Awards 2014

Collaboration with Thea Hiebert and Lianne Plamondon

Mischief is a witty parenting magazine for young fathers who want to spark children's imagination through creative adventurous living. 

The Challenge

Identify a unique demographic in the magazine market and create a magazine that engages to the specific niche.

Our NEW Focus

Mischief is an inspiring parenting magazine that provides resources and encouragement to empower dads to build a lasting relationship with their kids. It has a modern-vintage look filled with light-hearted humour, handwritten typography, artsy photography and illustration.

Target Audience

The readers would be creative fathers who are "Big Boys at Heart". Being a father of kids who are in elementary school,  they are invested in exciting visionary experiments and are willing make mistakes with their children.

Photographer credits Mikuda Waldoch and Alyssa Marie Photography


Studio Shoot: Thea Hiebert, Lianne Plamondon & Marie Yuan 

Design: Thea Hiebert

Photography: Lianne Plamondon         

Into the Woods

Studio Shoot: Thea Hiebert, Lianne Plamondon & Marie Yuan

Design & illustration: Marie Yuan

Photography: Mikuta Waldoch & Lianne Plamondon 

Birthday Corner

Studio Shoot: Thea Hiebert, Lianne Plamondon & Marie Yuan

Design: Marie Yuan

Photography: Mikuta Waldoch



Icon Design: Lianne Plamondon

Plug In or Unplug

Design & illustration: Marie Yuan

Pop Up 

Design: Marie Yuan