COBS Bakery Rebrand

Applied Arts Magazine Student Awards 2014

Originally COBS Bread is a family-oriented traditional bakery that is dedicated to serve fresh bread to the community. 

The Challenge

Rebrand COBS Bread to COBS Bakery to attract young foodies who crave quality food and interactive shopping experiences.

The NEW Focus

COBS Bakery will feature a bread tasting bar that offers COBS' favourite daily pairings with other appetizers. The NEW brand identifies 5 distinguished features of bread:


Target Audience

25- 35 young professionals who have their own standards about gourmet food. They love COBS because of its attention to delivering authentic high quality bread. They are social- conscious and enjoy entertainment.

Ads- It Never Bores You:

This ad concept is to show that COBS bread will always be interesting. Bread shopping can be an alternative entertainment to music and arts. 

Promo- Make It Yours: 

MAKE IT YOURS is a seasonal contest for COBS customers who can based on their favourite bread features.

The goal is to enrich shopping experiences while reinforcing COBS' environmentally-friendly aspects. The most popular design on COBS' media page will be made into reality and be displayed in COBS Bakeries.